Beef Ribs

One of my favorite pieces of meat is beef ribs, but unfortunately finding plate ribs in grocery stores is a challenge.  A friend had posted a picture of them cooking beef ribs on Facebook and gave me the heads up that Market Street now sells them.  The following week I went to my local Market Street and got a 4 bone rack for $20 which is the normal price for one bone at restaurants.
I prepped the Rib with Meat Church Holy Cow rub and smoked with an oak and pecan mix.
This cut was loaded with fat and was taking a long time to render down.  After about 7 hours at 225 it wasn’t as done as I would have liked, but the family was hungry so I pulled them.  An added bonus I had found a leftover hot gut from LaBarbecue in my freezer and added it to my plate.  As with most of my cooks I had baked beans with macaroni and cheese for sides.   I like to experiment with new mac and cheese recipes that doesn’t include Velveeta which has been difficult.  I’ve yet to find one that tastes as good as my Velveeta/goat cheese one, so any recipes you might have are most welcome.
Guns Up BBQ

Great flavor, but didn’t have the tenderness I would have liked from pulling them so early, but overall satisfied with the results.  With the two leftover rib bones I chopped into them into chunks, tossed in Miller’s Smokehouse sauce and put them in the oven for 2 hours to make beef rib burnt ends.  The picture ain’t pretty but hands down one of the best bites of bbq I’ve ever had.

Guns Up!!