Heim BBQ

Heim Barbecue

Before I started this blog I use to just tweet out short reviews and pictures from my twitter account.  Then, and even now, I would get suggestions on places I should try (I love it so keep them coming).  Earlier this year on Twitter I kept hearing about a BBQ stand in Fort Worth by the name of Heim BBQ.  Opened by the husband and wife team of Travis and Emma Heim who use to do backyard popups (something I would love to do) and decided to go for it with a food truck.  I reached out to them via twitter and realized they only served Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I tried many times to make it out for Wednesday night, but with the rash of thunderstorms we had here in TX this past Spring they either didn’t open, or I didn’t want to fight the storms on the drive from Allen to Fort Worth (50 miles).  The opportunity never presented itself last spring and by the time summer came out, news had broken these folks are for real.   As much as I love BBQ waiting in line outside in the Texas heat just isn’t appealing.  The more I waited, the more popular they became, appearing on TV and numerous reviews by local publications.  With a forecast being under 95 degrees I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and planned a trip out to Fort Worth.

I arrived at Republic Bar (Heim’s trailer is set up outside their patio) just around 10 AM.  I walked up with a folding chair in hand to wait an hour until they opened.  As I approached the trailer I was about 8th in line which was a nice surprise as I was expecting more.  In front of the trailer window they have set up 3 pop up tents to help block the summer sun from frying those in line and that is where I set up to wait out the hour.  The shade provided a nice barrier from the sun and it felt great, and without even trying the food yet I regretted not coming out sooner.  Not more than two minutes into my wait, those in line were introducing themselves to me and started talking BBQ, my favorite subject.   There was an equal mix of regulars and first timers so it was a lot of fun to hear their love for Heim as we waited.  Those in line were going in and out of Republic often to get more beer and everyone was always generous taking turns buying rounds for new friends in line.  Conversing with others in line made the hour fly by and the window opened in no time.
When it was my time to order I got a little bit of everything, fatty and lean brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausage and their signature bacon burnt ends.  Since I had never had bacon burnt ends and had heard so much that was my first bite.  It’s everything you would think it is; just nice thick slices of bacon nuggets!  The next bite was brisket, extremely moist with a beautiful bark and smoke ring cooked to perfection.  As far as the rub it would be my guess a good mixture of seasoned salt and black pepper.  It is not often that the lean flat cut is just as moist as the point, but Heim pulled it off and that is impressive.  The ribs were up next, again cooked perfectly and had the competition tug to them so a clean bite, but didn’t come off the bone. I didn’t get much flavor from the rub other than some sweetness, but it was still a pleasant flavor.  Next up was the jalapeno cheddar sausage, not made in house, but super flavorful with the right balance of jalapeno and cheese and should not be passed up.  The fifth and final meat was the pulled pork.  Nice salt and pepper rub and a very similar flavor profile to what I use in my cooks, but this was a little dry and probably my least favorite of the meat I had tried.  As far as smoking woods, they use oak, but today’s cook had a very mild smoke flavor than I’m used to.  Not saying it’s a bad thing as my wife loved that, but I tend to like a little more smoke to my BBQ.  As mentioned in prior posts I’m typically not a sides kinda guy, but I did order their twice baked potato salad and glad I did.  Nice flavor of a baked potato with a little bit of creaminess, well worth the $3.

Texas BBQ

I’m a fan!  This is an Austin style joint and reminds me of a combination of LaBarbecue and John Mueller Meat Company and the best part is it’s in one of my favorite cities, Fort Worth.  The atmosphere is great with so much potential, add in some corn hole and a band playing I would be in BBQ Heaven.  I also love seeing a husband and wife team succeeding in doing what they love.  I’m jealous of the courage couples like Arnis and Mallory of Evie Mae’s BBQ and Travis and Emma Heim have to spend so much time, energy and money to make their dreams come true.  I wish nothing but success and happiness for the Heim’s and as long as they keep cranking out food this good that will happen.  Now go to Fort Worth and get yourself some BBQ!
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Heim BBQ
201 E Hatties St, Forth Worth, TX
Fri, Sat and Sun 11 AM until sold out