Best of 2015

My bbq blog started in August and has gotten more attention than I ever thought possible.  Thank you so much for visiting and sharing my love for BBQ.  I easily ate more smoked meat in 2015 than any other year and for the most part was extremely satisfied.  Looking forward to see what 2016 has to offer and hopefully get to go on a Houston BBQ Crawl this year.
So below is the list of my favorites in 2015.  So many wonderful places and it was extremely hard to choose.
Brisket:  Franklin
Ribs: Tie between Winners BBQ and LaBarbecue
Pulled Pork:  Evie Mae’s
Sausage:  Heim BBQ
Misc:     Louie Mueller Beef Rib
Sandwich:  LaBarbecue’s Pulled Pork El Sancho
Side Dish:  Miller’s Potato Salad
Dessert:  Bet the House BBQ’s Twix Brownie

Overall Top 5 of 2015 (based on Texas Trinity of Brisket, Ribs and Sausage):
  1. Franklin BBQ, Austin, TX
  2. Evie Mae’s BBQ, Lubbock, TX
  3. LaBarbecue, Austin, TX
  4. Heim BBQ, Fort Worth, TX
  5. Snow’s BBQ, Lexington, TX