Bet the House BBQ

Sunday afternoon, I took my 3 yr old on a Daddy/Daughter date to Bet the House BBQ located just south of awesome Downtown Denton on Elm Street.  Located in an older shopping center that has been remodeled and is really nice making me wish more cities did this vs building new ones to only sit empty.  The counter to place your order is right inside a door with a chalk board menu for the day’s meats.  On my visit I went with a 3 meat plate of brisket, sausage and pulled pork, then added a couple of ribs.  The 3 meat plate comes with 2 sides so my daughter voted for Mac and Cheese and I went with the potato salad.  Once you place your order, you seat yourself and wait for your name to be called.  Less than 5 minutes from the time I ordered, my name was called and I was presented with, what is to date, my most liked photo on Instagram.

I forgot to request which cut of brisket I wanted and was given lean cut from what appeared to be where the point meets the flat.  I was very satisfied with what I was given, the brisket was moist, cooked nicely and had a very mild smoke flavor.  After reading TMBBQ’s Review I know Bet the House had some over smoked issues, but this to me seems to have been resolved.  I really like the Oak/Pecan mix they use and will probably start using that more with my home cooks.  Ribs were moist and flavorful but maybe a little under cooked as there was some extra tug, I however personally like a little tug to my ribs so this was perfect for me.  Two meats in and I’m really liking this place so far.  My next bite is from the sausage and that’s when things took a slight turn.  The sausage had very little spice and more of a sweet almost maple flavor to them.  While this sausage is perfect for breakfast (I used my leftovers for two days’ worth of omelets) it’s not what I like with my BBQ.  Finally, onto the pulled pork, while pulled pork is more popular outside of TX it is one of my favorite meats so I often add it to my order.  Biting into the pulled pork it was mushy and overly sweet, so I was disappointed and after 2 bites was done with it.
Now I’m not a big dessert guy and hardly ever order any when out eating BBQ or any meal for that matter.  My daughter, being 3,decided she didn’t want to eat BBQ today, even though she normally loves it, and the young woman working noticed this.  A few moments later she comes by with some dessert and, with permission, told my daughter she could have it if she ate what daddy wanted her to eat.  Needless to say my daughter loved BBQ once again.  What was presented to my daughter was a chocolate chip cookie brownie with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Twix mixed into the batter.  Luckily for me my daughter was too full after a couple of bites and I got to finish it off!  Easily the 2nd best dessert I’ve had at a BBQ joint as nothing can touch the dessert at Miller’s BBQ in Belton, TX.


Overall I was satisfied with my trip to Denton and would suggest anyone traveling through to venture off 35 or 380 and get some great BBQ rather than stopping at the chain restaurants that line the highway.
Bet the House BBQ
508 S Elm St, Denton, TX 76201