Cattleack Barbeque

I’m always asked for the best BBQ spots in DFW and I always spout off Heim, Pecan Lodge, Hutchins, Lockhart etc, but I always forget to mention Cattleack BBQ.  The reason being Cattleack’s primary business is catering, but two glorious days out of the week, for about 6 hours, they are open to the public.  Unfortunately during that window I’m never able to make it down there so they have been an afterthought.  I work from home 99% of the time, but I received an email that I needed to go to corporate for training and the thought of having to wear grown up clothes put me in a bad mood.  While trying to remember if I even have pants that fit (I’ve lost 70lbs this year!!!) I remembered corporate is 5 miles from Cattleack and my mood changed immediately!  I made plans with the boss for a Thursdaylunch.

Texas Trinity, Crack Cake, Mac and Cheese

I arrived at 11:15 to a line out the door.  On my one other trip to Cattleack there wasn’t a line so it appears the word is out.  I knew I would get my staple Texas Trinity, but I was really looking forward to the sausage as Cattleack makes theirs in house.  I ordered brisket, fatty and lean, pork ribs and one of each sausage (jalapeno/cheddar, beer and peppered) along with Mac and Cheese and “Crack Cake”.  It was a nice day, so I took advantage of the picnic tables out front.  The brisket was moist and delicious, but too much inedible fat, a little extra trimming would have been nice.  The ribs were fantastic and tasted similar to those from Smitty’s in Lockhart, TX.  As for the sausage, the jalapeno cheddar was the real star, but I wasn’t a big fan of the other offerings.

I like what Cattleack has going and the increased crowds suggest others do too.  So if you are in the area on a Thursday orFriday for lunch be sure to check them out!
Cattleack Barbeque
13628 Gamma Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
(972) 805-0999