Meat Church Holy Cow

When it comes to BBQ rubs you have pretty much 3 options, experiment and make your own, make your own via someone else’s recipe or buy commercial.  More often than not I go commercial.  The reason I go commercial is there is a lot of fantastic products out at a decent price and you can use them straight out of the shaker or doctor them up a little.  If I make my own rub it’s usually for beef, not much you can do better than salt, pepper and garlic, but one company has, and that is Meat Church with their Holy Cow Rub.  I’m not a spice expert and cannot distinguish what all is included in a rub by a quick taste, but Holy Cow is an amped up version of the salt, pepper, garlic combo.  To date, I’ve tried Holy Cow on brisket, steak, hamburgers and tri tip and it is, hands down, one of my favorite rubs on the market for beef.  Holy Cow has a good strong pepper punch that reminds me of Hill Country BBQ on brisket and a steakhouse peppercorn sauce on steaks and burgers.  You can easily control the pepper intensity with the amount of rub you apply, but still get the great overall flavor regardless of how much you use.  Every time your briskets will have the beautiful bark that is highly sought after and your steaks will have a beautiful seared crust.

Meat Church can be found in select stores and always online at

Tri Tip Recipe (In Texas we call in smoked sirloin not to be confused with Californians)
Rub tri tip with a thin layer of Olive Oil
Apply liberal amounts of Holy Cow to each side of the meat and let set for at least 30 minutes.

Smoke on your favorite wood (I like Mesquite or Oak for tri tip) at 225 until meat reaches an internal temperature of 135-140.
Let meat rest under a loose sheet of foil for 10 minutes