Miller's BBQ

Interstate 35 has should be named the BBQ Highway with fantastic joints from Denton to San Antonio, but I’m always learning about new places.  I had never heard about Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton until a friend of mine flew in from Italy for a Texas BBQ crawl (future blog post on that coming soon).  Marco raved about the hospitality and fantastic food and a few weeks later, I once again heard about Miller’s from the Travel Channel’sDivaQ.    Belton is about a 2.5 hour drive for me and with the Texas heat this summer a day trip was something I could do and keep the family nice and cool.

Miller's BBQ

We left Allen a little after 8 AM and, with the obligatory stop in West for kolaches, made it to Miller’s as they were opening at 11 AM.  It was very easy to find, just a couple blocks off 35, right outside downtown Belton.  You walk into the building where the line starts to order at the counter.  Once at the counter, you are greeted with desserts!!  The red velvet cake looked so amazing I got a slice to go along with my brisket, ribs (weekends only), pulled pork, jalapeño cheddar sausage, and since the family was with me, potato salad and buttered potatoes as sides.  Once you order, you find a seat and wait for your food to be sliced and delivered to your table.
As with any BBQ meal my first taste is the brisket. While it wasn’t very appealing to the eye, it had the perfect amount of smoke, great flavor and was not dried out.  It was not really the best I’ve had, but far from the worst.  Next up were the ribs, cooked to perfection, great flavor and some of the best I’ve ever had.  The greatness continued with the jalapeño sausage made in house. With the perfect combination of pepper and cheese, I loved this stuff and wish I would have bought more to take home.  Finally I tried the pulled pork and it was average at best, so I say stick with the Texas Trinity when there.  All the meats were fine on their own, but I still like to try sauce as I do enjoy it.  Miller’s sauce is fantastic; it has a nice sweetness that goes perfect with their ribs.  They do bottle it and if you are ever in my house you will find this in my fridge as it’s my go to sauce.

Texas BBQ

Miller’s is a family run joint and even “Mom” gets involved with desserts.  Like I mentioned, when ordering, you see desserts lining the counter. If you get anything from this review, know skipping the dessert is not an option.  The red velvet cake was extremely moist and easily the best I’ve ever had.   I can’t foresee a trip to Austin not involving a stop at Miller’s whether it’s for BBQ, sauce, cake or all 3!!

Red Velvet Cake

Miller’s Smokehouse
208 N. Penelope
Belton, TX 76513