Monday, February 15, 2016

Ten50 BBQ

1050 BBQ
Parking Lot View

About two years ago while driving down 75 in Richardson I saw a “coming soon” sign for Ten50 BBQ. Out of curiosity I googled the name to see what I could find out about the place.  The first thing I read was it was from the founder of Chili’s and I unfairly lost interest.  To my family’s disappointment I’m not a fan of Chili’s and would prefer a Mom and Pop place for my dinner.  I sat back and waited for reviews to come in and some were positive and some negative, so I really never put this place on my must try list.  I knew I would eventually try it out, but I had other DFW locations I wanted to try first.  Last week the Dallas Observer put out an article for “The Best Barbecue Joints in North DFW.”  On that list was Ten50 BBQ along with some of my favorites in Winner's BBQ, Bet the House BBQ and Lockhart Plano.  Pretty impressive list so I made plans to take my BBQ buddy (my 4 year old daughter) for lunch.

I’m full of cliché’s so I arrived at 1050 BBQ on 1050 Central Expy at 10:50 AM which is their opening time.  Walking into the courtyard, you are immediately greeted by the pit room with two large rotisserie cookers and a large offset pit, which I understand from TMBBQ is no longer in action except to build coals.  Either way, they were three very impressive cookers.  Before you walk into the main door you are met by the meat slicer where you pick your meats before going inside to get your sides.  As usual I got the Texas Trinity of brisket, ribs and sausage, for sides I got their beans, mac and cheese and onion rings.

After paying, you are greeted by an enormous dining room and a beautiful bar filled with TVs.  If Kruez Market, 3 Stacks BBQ and Coopers BBQ had a child, you would get Ten50.  Not a bad thing as it takes some of the best things these places have to offer and puts it in one spot.  My first bite of moist brisket was phenomenal.  I immediately told myself I made a mistake waiting this long to give this place a try.  The rub was extremely savory, with the perfect amount of hickory/oak smoke.  It was without a doubt some of the best brisket I’ve had in North Texas.  I went and tried the lean and had the same thoughts, so far I’m really digging the place.  Ribs, while flavorful, were extremely dry, so onto the sausage I went.  Normally I’m a spicy sausage kind of guy, but with my daughter being with me I went with the original.  While flavorful I really missed the “kick” I’m used to, but still very good.

Texas BBQ
Texas Trinity

As for the sides, the mac and cheese was above average and reminded me a lot of Hutchin’s BBQ, while the beans paired well with the jalapenos from the condiment bar.  Finally I got to the onion rings, they were seasoned perfectly and without a doubt the best onion rings I’ve ever had.  Other patrons were gawking at the size, asking my daughter and me how much we liked them and then immediately going back to the cashier to order theirs.  I can’t emphasize enough; if you go to Ten50 get the onion rings. It’s the best $4 you’ll spend on food, I promise.

Onion rings

So I messed up not trying this place earlier because of the Chili’s connection.  Despite the dry ribs, Ten50 was a fantastic experience. It’s the kind of place you take your out of town guests to because it has above great BBQ with a fantastic atmosphere.  I can’t wait to go back.

Ten50 BBQ

1050  N.Central Expressway
Richardson, TX  75080

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hot and Fast Brisket

My normal brisket cooks are done the way I know which is low and slow at 225 degrees.  With brisket prices being so high I’m a bit skittish to try and experiment with anything else.  Last week my local Kroger had an 8lb pre trimmed brisket on sale for about $24 bucks and I thought it would be good for experimenting.  One of the biggest drawbacks to cooking brisket is the long cook time and I’ve always wanted to try hot and fast.  With a “cheap” brisket in the fridge I thought now is a good time to give it a try.  To prep the brisket, I went with a simple Central Texas Salt, Pepper and Garlic (SPG) rub.


I warmed up the UDS to 300 degrees and put the brisket on a little after 8:00 AM.  The cook was pretty easy as weather conditions allowed for easy fire maintenance.  The cook went along smoothly, as they normally do with low and slow, checking on the brisket every two hours to spritz with pickle juice.  About four hours in at an internal temp of 180 degrees, I had a beautiful bark so I wrapped the brisket with pink butcher paper.

After wrapping I started checking every hour and around 3 PM, a little over six hours from going on, the brisket probed in at 204 degrees so I put it in the oven to rest.  With a four year old who is always hungry we tend to eat around 5:30 PM so I sliced up the brisket to see what I had.  As soon as I started to slice I knew I didn’t have the moisture in the flat I’m use to with low and slow, but it got better as I got to the point of the brisket. 

Texas BBQ

The brisket had the right amount of smoke and the typical Central Texas flavor profile a SPG rub gives.  While a little dry, I was very pleased with the results and it paired well with Meyers BBQ Sauce.  Even though it was a little dry, I would consider this a minor success as it gives me the confidence to try again. Next time I cook Hot and Fast I’ll go with a full packer and trim the fat cap a little less to help with the moisture.

Guns Up
Added some Redskin Potato Salad with Mac and Cheese.

8lb Pre Trimmed Choice Brisket
Wood: Oak
Rub: Salt, Pepper and Garlic
Cook Time: 7-10 Hours

Guns Up!!