Monday, May 2, 2016

The Local Yocal

The Local Yocal in Historic Downtown McKinney, TX is a phenomenal butcher shop that provides everything from farm raised chicken eggs to Wagyu brisket. Everything they do comes with wonderful quality and customer service.  When they announced they were doing a BBQ pop up I knew I had to attend.

The Local Yocal

I arrived with my family just before 6 PM and a crowd was already waiting.  After a brief introduction with a recap of the menu and instructions on how the line would work, we all jumped from our seats to take our place in line.  I was about the 20th person in line and it took about 20 minutes to get to the cutting boards.  The menu included brisket, baby back ribs, Texas Hotlinks, quail and gumbo.  The prices were on par with most BBQ joints at $8.99 per half pound for brisket and ribs and $6.99 per half pound for sausage with the quail being a steal at $6 each.
The brisket was perfectly cooked and while there was a nice smoke ring, the brisket did lack a distinct smoke flavor, but it was still enjoyable.  When I asked one of the gentlemen working what wood they used the only response I could get was a “Pecan Blend.”  Next up was the baby back ribs which were perfectly seasoned, but they lacked meat which was surprising as most ribs I’ve purchased there to cook at home have always had more meat than what I can get at a normal grocery store.  The Texas Hotlink was the highlight of the Trinity with nice spice, great texture and a ton of grease.  I would put these up there with the Hot Guts sold at LaBarbecue.  The Quail was nice, nothing phenomenal, but I have been completely spoiled when it comes to quail after The Behind the Pit Dinner at Pecan Lodge earlier this year.  The gumbo was the surprise of the night as it was some of the best, I’ve ever had.

I enjoyed my meal and the atmosphere more.  Being in Downtown McKinney is always a treat, but sharing picnic tables and enjoying good BBQ with others made it memorable.  I can’t wait for the next one.

The Local Yocal

The Local Yocal
213 N Tennessee St
McKinney, TX

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