Big D Barbecue

Courtesy of Big D's Facebook Page

One of the coolest things about tweeting and blogging about BBQ is sometimes BBQ finds you.  I got a notification of a BBQ joint by the name of Big D Barbecue.   It caught my attention immediately as they are located in Mansfield, TX.  I grew up not far away and worked in Mansfield while in high school.  I casually followed them and thought I would check them out one day, but was honestly in no hurry due to some pictures on social media.  This BBQ joint’s social media pictures reminded me a lot of the old Seinfeld episode where Jerry dated the girl with “two faces”. Some days the BBQ photos looked amazing, the next day, not so much.  It wasn’t until a friend of mine started checking in often and raving about it that I decided to check it out, so on a recent trip to visit my parents I decided to forgo Mom’s cooking for a trip to Big D Barbecue.

I have not been to Mansfield, TX in years and the growth can rival that of Frisco and Allen.  I was in amazement as what used to be farm land and “the sticks” was now covered in doctor’s offices and chain restaurants.  When the GPS guided me into the parking lot of Big D I was glad to see it was a shopping center that I used to frequent growing up due to the Movie rental store there (if memory serves, it was the same suite as Big D).  The menu has the traditional BBQ and sides, but two items caught my eye and that was the country style pork ribs and skillet potatoes.  I ordered my normal trinity of brisket, ribs and sausage, but also got a sampling of the country style ribs as honestly I’ve never seen them on a menu, nor do I remember ever actually eating them before.  In addition to the meat and potatoes at the recommendation of the meat slicer, I also got an off menu side of their sausage mac and cheese.  Normally I would try the brisket first, but the country style rib had my attention.  The meat was tender, a strong smoke flavor, but not overwhelming. It was a bit dry, but I attribute this to there not being much fat in the cut.  I dipped the rib into their spicy sauce and it was heavenly.  I really dug this and wish more places served it.  My next bite was the brisket. It was very moist, extremely tender, but very light smoke. It almost tasted like it was cooked in the oven with no smoke.  I’m not sure what caused this as mentioned before the country style ribs had plenty of smoke.  Next up was the sausage.  Big D has two different styles:  a pepper blend and the common jalapeno cheddar.  As I was dining that day with my 4 year old daughter, I opted for the less spicy pepper blend.  The sausage was fantastic, in fact some of the best I’ve had all year.  I REALLY enjoyed combining bites of the sausage with the skillet potatoes that were cooked perfectly with a crisp exterior and fluffy interior.  I could have made that combo a meal within itself.  I then moved onto the ribs.  Big D changes things up a bit and serves baby backs vs spares.  As mentioned before I prefer a meaty baby back over a spare rib, but unfortunately today the baby backs were not meaty and a little dry.  Not the worst rib I’ve had, but not the best either.  Lucky for me they have some of the best sauce I've ever had so I still cleaned the bones.  As for the mac and cheese  it was devoured by my daughter and I didn’t get a chance to try it.

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Overall, I enjoyed my visit, it was a good meal, and glad I didn't judge them on social media pictures alone.  I will be back for sure especially for the sausage and potatoes.  I will save my next visit for a Saturday evening as Big D does have a stage for live music and a newly renovated bar only featuring craft beers, (I know the ears of Texas Brew and BBQ just perked up).  Owner Jordy Jordan says their beer lineup is always changing and you can check out their website and social media for the beer and music lineup.

Big D Barbecue
226 Walnut Creek
Mansfield, TX 76063
(469) 251-2443