Evie Mae's Grand Opening

Back in November, I made my second trip to Evie Mae’s and mentioned they would be opening a brick and mortar restaurant in 2016 and that time has come.  After about 2 months in the new building, owners Arnis and Mallory Robbins wanted to throw a big grand opening party to make it official.  The festivities were spread out over two nights, with night one as a private function and night two was for the general public.

Evie Mae's
Prime Rib Dinner

I was fortunate enough to be invited to night one on Friday night.  The evening began with a speech from Mallory and Arnis Robbins thanking those in the room for their support as they launched their dream, and a quick rundown of the menu.  Arnis decided to have some fun and went with a prime rib, which is not typically on the menu, with sides including twice baked potatoes, broccoli salad and a spinach soufflĂ©.  The Prime Rib was fantastic, moderately seasoned with the perfect kiss of smoke.  The twice baked potatoes were perfectly cooked and had the texture of a creamy baked potato.  The spinach was my favorite, creamy and paired really well with the beef.  In all honestly, not a huge broccoli fan other than steamed, but I did try a small bite and it was pleasant.  For dessert we had the option of pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie and banana pudding.  I personally had the pecan pie and loved it.  I’m new to the dessert game so my experience with pie is limited, but unlike the one other piece of pecan pie I’ve ever had , I enjoyed this one the most as it had a pecan in every bite, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it.

Evie Mae's
Whole Hog Prep

 The rest of the night was spent socializing with the other guest. I had the opportunity to get to know The Smoking Ho and his lovely wife a little better, as well as photographer Robert Lerma.  Arnis invited us to watch him prepare the whole hogs for Saturday’s dinner.  Four hogs were lathered in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper before hitting the smoke a little before 8 PM.  With the hogs on, I departed a little early as I was exhausted from the drive in from DFW.

Evie Mae's
I got to photograph the photographer

For night two my original plan was to go solo, but my family enjoyed Friday night and decided they wanted to be a part of night #2 as well.  This is a first for us as my family is good for BBQ only once per trip so I was very happy they decided to come.  Like the night before, Mallory and Arnis made a speech thanking their customers and announced the menu.  Saturday’s menu included pulled whole hog, brisket, sausage, green chile cheese grits, pinto beans and coleslaw.  

Evie Mae's
Dinner Plate

The brisket was the best I’ve had at Evie Mae’s yet which says a lot.  Their brisket was already one of my favorites and keeps climbing.  Honestly theirs now is only behind that of Brisket King, Aaron Franklin, and the gap is narrowing.  The whole hog was very moist and flavorful and while good on its own, also went nicely with the house sauce.  The sausage was good as I enjoy the course grind, but I didn’t eat much because I focused on the pork and brisket.  The grits were phenomenal as always and the coleslaw was crisp and refreshing.  Unfortunately, I did not get to try the beans as my four year old daughter stole them from me!  To finish off the night I had chocolate cake and it was easily some of the best I’ve ever had.  Evie Mae’s desserts are now equal with those at Millers Smokehouse, which makes my heart and stomach happy.  After dinner we finished the night dancing to the music of Dave Martinez and Ronnie Eaton and the Cold Hard Truth. 

Evie Mae's

After four total trips to Evie Mae’s I can now say they are my overall favorite BBQ joint I’ve had so far.  The amount of work this couple puts into what they serve can be tasted in every bite.  There will be times you show up to eat and they will not have all menu items, other times you will show up and they will be completely sold out.  This is not a result of poor planning or what one Yelp reviewer said was “no way to run a restaurant”, this is because no short cuts are taken here and they take great pride in what they feed their customers. Evie Mae’s value quality over quantity and to me, as a paying customer, this is EXACTLY how you want to run a restaurant.  Like Franklin BBQ in Austin, and Snows BBQ in Lexington, Evie Mae’s is destination barbecue and it’s worth making plans to go.  Be sure to follow them on social media as they are fantastic about letting their customers know if they are sold out or not.  When visiting in addition to great food you will meet one of the nicest couples in BBQ  Texas.

Evie Mae's Pit Barbecue
217 Hwy 62
Wolfforth, TX
(806) 782-2281