Texas BBQ Bloggers Spotlight - Texas BBQ Adventures

Continuing with my short series on getting to know other bbq bloggers, this week’s quick five questions are answered by Chris of Texas BBQ Adventures.

What made you decide to start blogging about bbq?
My job has me constantly travelling around the state of Texas. I shun chain restaurants when I travel and enjoy sampling the local cuisine.  As a hobby while I was on the road, I began to seek out the local barbecue joints and taking notes on them in a spreadsheet.  There were a couple of barbecue blogs I'd use to make my to-do list (I remember stumbling upon FCG in 2008 or 2009 which was a revelation) but none with maps that made it easy to find stops along the way. At the same time, friends would ask me advice when they were on the road in Texas so I began sharing my barbecue notes with them. 

At some point, I decided I should just publish my notes online and create a map to help any barbecue travelers out there like me. My friends now use that in lieu of asking me directly (I had a friend as recently as yesterday tell me they used my map). The downside of that is that I'm now pigeon-holed as "barbecue guy" - I have plenty of opinions on other things!  

Do you smoke bbq at home?  If so what what kind of cooker to do you have?  Favorite thing to smoke?
I have an Old Country Wrangler from Academy but it doesn't get as much use as I'd like. On the rare occasion that I am home for a weekend, it is so much easier to wake up late and critique someone else's cooking. I really want to get good at brisket and I've promised myself that I'm going to put in some time this summer working on that (and my patience).

Longest distance traveled just to eat bbq?  Was it worth it?
I can usually combine barbecue stops in remote parts of the state with some sort of business trip, so normally barbecue isn't the sole purpose of my journey (it's just the best part). I've definitely taken some ~100 mile detours just to mark a place off of my list. I went to NYC in January and #1 on my to do list was to eat at Hometown Barbecue in Brooklyn. I also attended the grand opening of Big Smoke in Vienna a few summers ago. Neither of those trips were specifically for barbecue, but I managed to fit barbecue in - even 5,500 miles away.

If we are looking specifically at barbecue-centric trips, our multi-stop weekend trips (which we refer to as "Barbecue Adventures") are all about barbecue and a Houston to Austin day trip is a pretty typical itinerary - so that's 300+ miles roundtrip just for barbecue - Totally Worth it.

Favorite cut of meat?
“Brisket. A moist cut from the point with some peppery bark - you can't beat that.”

Favorite joint not on the most recent Tx Monthly Top 50 list?

“Without hesitation, my answer is Heim in Fort Worth. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon them before they really started buzzing. Terrific food, terrific people - they deserve all of the success they are experiencing. I can't wait for the new location to open.”

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