Raider Red Meats

Back in July while in Lubbock for Evie Mae's Grand Opening I had the opportunity to stop by Raider Red Meats.  With a blog called “Guns Up” you can probably tell that I’m a Texas Tech Alum and my love for the university and city of Lubbock cannot be expressed in words.  A few years ago as I got into BBQ, I soon learned that Texas Tech had an on campus butcher shop and immediately became intrigued.  According to their website Raider Red meats started in 2005 (three years after I graduated) as a part of the Animal and Food Sciences Department.  The program was started to allow students to gain experience in practical business and meat science.  Proceeds from the sale of meat provides funding for the Texas Meat Judging Team (9 National Championships since 2000), graduate student research and scholarships.  Prior trips to Lubbock usually included game days so making it to Raider Red Meats was near impossible due to scheduling, but this trip I made a it a priority.

Via social media, Raider Red meats saw I was stopping by and offered to give me a tour. No way I was turning down this opportunity.  We were shown standard class rooms, trophies and awards, but my favorite part was the hands on labs the students had.  Mock grocery stores were set up to see how meat ages on the shelf, students were give freedom to make their own sausage recipes and of course my favorite part was the meat lockers!  I loved the tour and only wish this was something I had been exposed to as an 18 year old as I’m sure my career path would be much different now.  I really want to thank Raider Red Meats for the tour as not only was it fun for me being a meat head, but for my 15 year old niece who came with me.  She is currently an Ag student in high school and I think the tour sold her on coming to Texas Tech and gave her exposure to different careers within Ag that I didn’t have at her age. 

Of course I couldn’t visit without picking up some meat to take home.  Raider Red Meats has an extensive meat menu, but one item stuck out to me and that was the beef plate ribs.  Nearly impossible to find in DFW without jumping through hoops, Raider Red meats has these available in their meat fridge.  With a cooler packed with ice, I loaded up.  A few weeks after returning, I cooked a slab using Meat Church Holy Cow and Post Oak.  The meat came out fantastic and I too was finally able to make Blacks BBQ quality beef ribs at home, can’t wait to make another slab.

If competition BBQ is your thing, Raider Red Meats is hosting a KCBS BBQ cook off August 27th as well as an SCA steak cook-off. Participants include BBQ Pitmasters competitors Moe Cason, Joe Pearce and Texas Tech alum Harry Soo.  Also in attendance will be all around good guy Robert Sierra who has appeared on BBQ Crawl and was recently featured by Heinz with his own bbq sauce. 

Raider Red Meats