Dia de Rudy's

I love Texas!!  I know this may come as a surprise coming from a BBQ blogger (sarcasm), but it’s true.  I love the people, the food and the different regions.  I grew up watching Texas Country Reporter (TCR) and reading Texas Monthly.  I’m just as happy traveling to San Antonio as I am New Orleans or New York.  A few years ago while browsing the TV I ran across The Daytripper on PBS and I was immediately hooked.  For those not familiar, it is hosted by Chet Garner who picks a Texas town or city and highlights all the activities you could do in a day.  Most episodes tend to highlight a local restaurant, something educational, an entertainment venue and something outdoorsy.  It’s a TCR for my generation, done very well and is my favorite show on TV.

With any PBS show, sponsorship is key and The Day Tripper has a good one with Rudy’s BBQ.  As a joint promotion The Daytripper and Rudy’s put on “Dia de Rudy’s” which is a one day BBQ crawl to all of Rudy’s five locations in DFW.  I’m personally a fan of Rudy’s as it was my first introduction to meat market style BBQ and to brisket breakfast tacos.  While I don’t get to Rudy’s much for lunch and dinner these days, I’m there for breakfast often.  I like to frequent them because of their support of The Day Tripper and to college athletics.  Rudy’s acts as hosts for coaches radio shows for many college programs across the state including Texas Tech.

Stop #1 was in Arlington, TX where Chet gave a run down on the day and what to expect; basically a bunch of BBQ, Daytripper Bingo and fun meeting new people.  I started the day with a Chorizo Egg and Cheese Taco.

Chet Garner

Stop #2 was the newest Rudy’s location in Fort Worth, just a few miles south of Texas Motor Speedway.  This time I opted for the Brisket Egg and Cheese taco.  Insider tip, order fresh sliced brisket!

Stop #3 was the Denton, TX location which was the first Rudy’s to open in DFW.  At this stop my family and I shared ½ pound of baby back ribs.

Stop #4 was in Frisco, TX which is the location close to my heart.  I talked my wife into getting our first place up the road as it was close to this location and I could eat Breakfast tacos often on my way to work.  My groomsmen and I actually ate here the morning of my wedding.  It was a good day.  For this stop I opted for a brisket sandwich.

The 5th and final stop was in Allen, TX which is just a few miles up the road from my house and the location I visit often.  I spend a lot of Saturday mornings there for breakfast and then “walk it off” at Cabela’s next door.  For this stop we went with dessert!

It was a fun day; Chet was a great host and spent a ton of time making sure everyone was having a good time.  The staff at each and every Rudy’s location was fantastic as well, I really enjoyed their hospitality.  As a gift each person who made all 5 locations were rewarded with a $50 gift card. 

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