BBQ on the Brazos

For a few years I’ve been hearing about a place not far outside of Fort Worth called BBQ on the Brazos.  I had a Monday off from work back in March of 2016 and according to their website they were open.  I drove 65 miles to their place to see a sign that said they were closed on Monday.  I get most BBQ joints are closed on Mondays, but update your website.  I tweeted them my frustration and got an apology and assured the website would be updated immediately.  Still mad, I blew it off and thought I would never venture out that way again.


Later that year I attended Red Dirt BBQ Festival in Tyler, TX and while talking to Matt Pittman of Meat Church he introduced me to BBQ on the Brazos Pitmaster and owner John Sanford.  Once again John apologized for the error and let me sample his menu for the day.  Between Red Dirt BBQ festival and visiting with John on my first visit to BBQ on the Brazos, John lives up to his Twitter slogan “Blowing Smoke” as he is a great story teller.  He reminds me of the men in my hometown and that’s a good thing.  John gave me the impression that he was truly sorry for my 130 mile round trip that ended in no BBQ and that he didn’t really care either and I like that, ha!

BBQ on the Brazos
Beautiful isn't it?

Now onto the Que.  I arrived a little after 9:30 AM and had just missed breakfast.  I got the Texas Trinity and a side of pulled pork, potato salad, mac and cheese and tortillas.  Yes you read tortillas!  No carb in my opinion goes better with BBQ than a flour tortilla (I wish this would replace white bread) so bonus points right away.  The brisket had a nice pepper bite, great oak smoke flavor and plenty of moisture.  The ribs were the highlight of the trip.  Texas Monthly mentioned in their review that the ribs were sweet and compared well to competition ribs and I couldn’t agree more.  They were sweet, but not too sweet and great by themselves or with their sauce.  The pulled pork had great smoke flavor, I didn’t get too much of the seasoning in my order, but it was still good.  As for the sausage, it was my least favorite meat. It was good, but nothing that really knocked my socks off.  The potato salad was fantastic, creamy and sweet.  John said he sometimes makes a potato salad sandwich for vegetarians and I think I wouldn’t mind that as a full on meat eater.  Finally the mac and cheese was creamy and well above average than most joints.

I’m glad I finally made it out, BBQ on the Brazos is for sure one of the better joints in DFW.  One of the shirts they sell says “BBQ to drive For” and I agree so get yourself to Cresson!


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