Texas Monthly Top 50

Snow's BBQ
Snow's BBQ

So the Texas Monthly Top 50 came out Monday morning and like many out there, I have some thoughts.

10.  Truth Barbecue, Brenham, TX.  I have yet to try Truth, but have heard nothing but good things since Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt pretty much introduced them to the world. It's on my BBQ Bucket List for sure.

9.  Evie Mae’s, Wolfforth, TX.  As I have mentioned several times, they are my personal #1 as each menu item is some of the best I’ve ever had. I’m thrilled they are top 10, but shocked they are not top 5.

8.  Micklethwait Craft Meats, Austin, TX.  Located just down the road from Franklin Barbecue, this place gets a lot of traffic from folks who didn’t get in line before Franklin sold out.  While it is good barbecue, this one is a head scratcher for me as it is one of my least favorites out of all the Top 50 I have tried.

7.  Corkscrew BBQ, Spring, TX.  Another joint I have yet to try, sadly my dislike for Houston traffic is keeping me away from some great BBQ.

6.  Tejas Chocolate Craftory, Tomball, TX.  Like #7, I just haven’t visited many Houston places yet.

5.  Louie Mueller, Taylor, TX.  The fantastic beef ribs and brisket are something you will dream about.  This place has great food and is exactly what a Texas BBQ joint should be.  It’s a must visit.

4.  Bodacious BBQ, Longview, TX.  Twitter is on fire with folks wondering why a chain like Bodacious made the list, but the Longview Mobberly location is on another level from the other locations.   I really enjoyed them at the Reddirt BBQ Fest in Tyler last year and can’t wait to visit them in Longview.

3.  Cattleack Barbecue, Dallas, TX. This place is only open for lunch on Thursday and Friday as well as the first Saturday of the month and was a place I used to be able to go to on my lunch break (probably not anymore).  The brisket ribs and house made sausage is some of the best you’ll find, but I also love their Todd Father sandwich and non-traditional BBQ items such as their Que T Pies (brisket stuffed pastries).

2.  Franklin Barbecue, Austin, TX.  Franklin is the brisket master, not a single joint can compare to them for brisket and I’m always in awe when I taste it.  As for the other menu items, they are top 5 for me in each category but sausage.  Shocked they aren’t #1 again.

1.  Snows, Lexington, TX.  This place is just awesome from the food, to Tootsie, to the opening at 8 AM.  It is one of my favorites for sure and i need to get back soon.

So many have debated on social media if lists like this are good or bad for BBQ restaurant owners (mainly for those not on the list).  I personally think they are good as they open debate and you learn about places not on the list that you might not have heard of before.  I understand at the end of the day most BBQ joints are just people trying to make a living and that is why if I don’t like a joint I don’t blog about it.  These people devote unimaginable hours trying to earn a buck and I just write about BBQ because I love it and it is a hobby I can enjoy with my family.

So what are your thoughts on the list?  What place are you shocked made it and what place are you shocked didn’t?  Let me know in the comments below or on social media.


  1. Not surprised about Black's being left off, but I was surprised by Opie's. I thought Kerlin could sneak on the list. Killen's missing from the top 10 is a little shocking. The top 10 is kind of hard to distinguish. They could be in any order, and people probably wouldn't care or notice.

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